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KnotBone Bungee met karabijnhaak Zwart #9

NI KBB9-03-01
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•Home Projects
•Military & Tactical
•Off Roading / ATV
•Available in two sizes:
Size #9 which is a 9mm cord that adjusts from 48" – 10"
Size #5 which is a 5mm cord that adjusts from 28" – 6"
•Available with grey cord and black KnotBone carabiner clips
•Warning: Read product safety information and instructions prior to use. Safety precautions should be taken in the use of all stretch cord products. Inspect product before each use. Product with cut, frayed, or otherwise damaged cords should not be used. Product with damaged or deformed hooks should not be used. Do not use on sharp or abrasive surfaces. Clips should be attached to allow the clip gates to fully close – do not attach the clips by the tip, or in any other manner that would not allow the gates to fully close. Eye protection should be worn during the use of this product. Stretch cord carefully, keeping body parts out of the path of possible rebound. Do not pull cords directly toward or away from yourself or other individual. Do not stretch cord more than 50% of its original length. Overstretching cord can cause hook or cord failure resulting in uncontrolled release. Uncontrolled release can cause severe injury to unprotected body parts, particularly eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used for climbing. Manufacturer is not responsible for loss, injury, or damage due to improper use of product.

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